About Chandler Villacruz

Chandler VillacruzOver the last decade, Chandler Villacruz has served as senior marketing manager at Food Rates, a website that enables consumers to review local restaurants. As the leader of the firm’s marketing team, he oversees numerous advertising projects, ensuring that each of them achieves company goals while remaining under budget. Chandler Villacruz also performs market research to consistently meet the needs of the firm’s target consumers. Further leveraging his analytical skills, he conducts frequent reviews of Food Rates’ marketing strategies so that he can make necessary adjustments in a timely manner.

Earlier in his career, Chandler Villacruz worked as a marketing associate with Healthy Living in Los Angeles before transferring to the firm’s headquarters in San Francisco. He ultimately earned a promotion to the role of marketing director and assisted in the company’s rebranding efforts.

Outside of his professional activities, Chandler Villacruz spends much of his free time pursuing a healthy lifestyle. He is an avid runner and has participated in several local marathons, including the San Francisco Marathon and the Surfer’s Path Marathon.

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